Good for your company, your agents and your bottom line.

There are three foundational pillars to the Media Center that make it the premium choice when it comes to protecting, empowering and leveraging your company’s marketing efforts:

Real Estate Marketing Software: Protect Your Brand & Messaging

Content is exclusively yours, not generic designs—plus you have complete control over your brand. You determine what can and can’t be edited or customized.

Real Estate Marketing Software: Empower Your Brokers & Agents

Agents have access to and can customize and share compelling materials via multiple channels. They literally become marketing experts overnight.

Real Estate Marketing Software: Leverage Your Marketing Dollar

It’s your centralized marketing portal where materials are always accessible and working much, much harder for you. A real marketing multiplier.

Email. Online. Social. Print. All under one roof.

Email. Online. Social. Print.

All under one roof.

There simply aren’t many platforms that provide the breadth of content that you can make available to your organization with the Media Center. It’s a one-stop marketing powerhouse.

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Tens of thousands of agents can’t be wrong.

It has become the marketing tool of choice for real estate professionals around the world. There’s no better way to realize that than to see what some of them have to say in their own words.

  • “It’s professional, turnkey top shelf marketing I can create at a moment’s notice.”

    C.F. | Real Estate Agent
  • “Thanks to ROQLogic, we’re now able to offer our organization the Media Center, where they can send out professionally-designed email communications. They love it because it’s easy. We love it because it protects our brand.”

    C. C. | President & CEO
  • ”It’s such a fabulous tool for our agents. The marketing pieces are well designed and easy to use. It’s easy to create and send pieces and is very intuitive. The platform is a strong part of our Recruiting Value Proposition.”

    M.B. | Marketing Director
  • “The Media Center is an incredible tool to help those in our organization run their own marketing campaigns! The digital assets they need are already created for them, saving them time and money.”

    J. B. | Communications Manager
  • “As the Marketing Director for a large real estate company, I use it every day. The robust collateral is among the best in the industry and its integrated technology makes property marketing a breeze.”

    J.N. | Marketing Director
  • “It’s been a phenomenal tool that’s allowed our organization to take control of their marketing efforts while still sending out professional communications.”

    H. S. | Vice President of Communications
  • “The Media Center is an amazing tool that changes the way our network does business. It empowers them and helps us promote a constant brand image.”

    D. B. | Chief Marketing Officer
  • “I’ve won listings, sold more houses and have presented myself as a leader in real estate using this tool!”

    C.F. | Real Estate Agent
  • “ We have been happy with this platform for more than 7 years—and it just keeps getting better!”

    J.A. | Marketing Manager
  • “The ROQlogic Media Center is empowering tens of thousands of our agents to safely market themselves using thousands of our exclusive branded templates.”

    J.A. | Marketing Manager
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