The platform is designed for companies with a medium-to-large distributed sales network who wish to provide centralized content that is compelling and customizable, yet provides a high degree of brand and messaging control.

The platform is ideally suited for any industry that has a need for providing content to a distributed sales network. Such companies might include the real estate, insurance and direct-selling industries as well as any large corporate sales organization. But it’s certainly not limited to them. If you think your company could benefit from this powerful content marketing platform, contact us to discuss it and set up a free online demo.

The Media Center supports a broad range of content types that are easily searched and located in the libraries. Here are just a few of what’s possible:

eCards, eNewsletters, Flyers, Brochures, Booklets, Pamphlets, Notecards, Posters, Postcards, Business Cards, Social Media Posts, Facebook Timeline Covers, Ads, Mobile Ads, Online Ads, Door Hangers, eBooks, Flipbooks, Slideshows, Images, Video, Audio, Downloadable Files (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.).

Absolutely. While we offer a stable of free generic content to help companies get started, your designs are 100% exclusive to your company.

Completely. It’s one of the unique strengths of the platform. Text and images/videos can be locked down entirely or open for user interaction. You can also provide a series of predetermined images or videos that can be accessed from an image carousel. Or images/videos can be accessed from a user’s computer or personal Media Center library.

The system provides powerful searching and filtering options to narrow searches. Clients can specify custom filtering options to make locating unique content easy and straightforward.

There are two libraries in the system:

Master Library

This is where your original master templates and assets reside. They are available for your users to create their own “version” of the master where they can personalize and customize it.

Individual User Library

Each user has his or her own personal library they keep their personalized and customized “copies” of master templates. Any image or video uploads by the user are also stored in the library.

The real beauty of the platform is that you can share content across virtually any platform – email, social media, texting, download, embed code and print on demand. For example, a single flyer can be created once, then shared as many times and to as many channels as you choose. No need to create individual pieces of content for each share.

Yes. Through a strategic alliance with a major print/fulfillment company, users can create a print piece in the Media Center and have it sent directly to print. It’s ideal for high-quality, low-quantity runs with a very quick turnaround. For postcards, the user can also select from a range of postal delivery options.

Again, absolutely. The platform receives your MLS information from your webservice and is totally integrated into content. The user simply selects a desired property and with one click, the template is immediately populated with the listing information, including images.

Yes. Just as with an MLS feed, the platform can ingest product information and images from a webservice for auto-population into content.

Yes. In fact, that’s how most of our clients prefer it. We work with your IT department and set up an SSO handshake with your back office system. That way we know that users are indeed part of your organization.

The flexibility of the system allows contacts to be handled via an Integrated Contact Manager where users can create contacts from scratch or to import contacts from a .csv or Excel file. They can organize those contacts in to groups and manage all their information in one place. Or contacts can be managed via back-office integration where we set up a handshake to dynamically integrate contacts from your company back office. Even if your system doesn’t support groups, the Media Center can maintain and manage custom groups on our platform.

We offer a simple, flexible monthly site license plan that is based on how many potential users you have on the platform. It’s designed to allow for a comfortable cost-of-entry that can grow over time as your user base grows.

Typically, no. Our experience has shown that fresh content drives usage. Part of our company philosophy is to constantly encourage the addition of new content from our clients.

Depending on the details of your contract with us, we may impose a maximum annual content limit. However, we strive not to enforce this.

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