How to protect your real estate brand and messaging.

No matter how well-intended your agents are when marketing themselves or their properties, you can’t necessarily trust how they may be translating your brand in the marketing materials they are creating. After all, they are real estate professionals, not graphic designers. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that whatever they do, you have ample control over how your company is represented?

That’s the real power behind the ROQlogic Media Center. The system provides a wide berth of control for you to determine what they can change on a template-by-template basis. There are several aspects to that control:

Your exclusive content

Templates are created from your designs. We don’t just slap your logo on a generic layout. No other company has access to your designs.

Control over editability

You determine, on a template-by-template basis, what can can’t be edited.

Text regions can be preset to one of three states:

  1. Text can’t be edited
  2. Text can be edited
  3. Text must be edited

Image and video regions have similar preset states with a couple extra capabilities:

  1. Uploaded your own images/videos
  2. Images/video can’t be changed
  3. Images/videos must be changed
  4. Choose from a predetermined set of images/videos only
  5. Choose from a predetermined set of images/videos or upload your own

Control over sharing

You also have control over which sharing options are allowed on a template-by-template basis. For example if you had a flyer for internal use only, you could limit its sharing options to just a downloadable PDF, knowing that it wouldn’t be distributed online or to social media.

The ROQlogic Media Center instills confidence that all the hard work you put into creating and maintaining your brand is honored by the materials being created and distributed by your organization.

jeffaronsonHow to protect your real estate brand and messaging.

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