Anatomy of the Perfect eNewsletter

Successful business builders understand that reaching out to prospects is an important aspect of the job. But perhaps more important is maintaining awareness with past clients.

Think eNewsletter. It’s an effective and personal way to keep in touch on a regular basis. Done right, an eNewsletter provides an effective way to send out useful information on a regular basis. It builds credibility, trust and establishes them as an expert.

Make it easy on your sales organization.

Instead of expecting them to create eNewsletters on their own from scratch, consider having your marketing team create monthly eNewsletters that are already populated with useful articles that are ready to share. It not only makes it easier, but it allows you to maintain control over the content and your brand.

Don’t get too deep in the weeds.

Keep stories interesting, short and pithy—maybe 4 to 5 brief, yet compelling articles. And above all else, avoid the sales pitch. An instant turn off. It’s better to offer help, useful information and interesting insights. Basically, stuff readers can actually use.

Use links for those deeper dives.

Sometimes a topic requires more depth. That deeper information is best placed in a blog article or other online location. Or link out to another site altogether (e.g., a third-party survey, research, etc.).

Choose the right marketing tool.

Like any other task, having the right tools makes all the difference. The ROQlogic Media Center is the ideal resource for creating and sharing eNewsletters—as well as tons of other marketing materials. You have complete control over what can and can’t be edited or uploaded, yet it offers some real advantages for your agents. They can:

  • Activate or de-activate stories
  • Change the order of stories
  • Add their own stories and images
  • Email their eNewsletters and share them to social media
  • Have a personal signoff with contact information
jeffaronsonAnatomy of the Perfect eNewsletter

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