Personal Marketing Meets Property Marketing

The lifeblood of your agents’ efforts involves acquiring listings and marketing them to a successful sale. After all, transactions are where the revenue resides. However, there’s a different type of marketing transaction that can have just as much effect on their bottom line. And that is Personal Marketing.

Personal Marketing is building one’s personal brand—the process of keeping in touch and building relationships as a foundation for future business. It establishes an agent’s unique identity to ensure a positive, credible reputation.

What does that entail? Here are a few important guidelines for your agents to consider:

Identify your target

Who is it that you want to reach? Explore their concerns and motivations when it comes to selling or buying. When you understand those, you’re better positioned to formulate a personal brand to reach them more effectively.

Identify what makes you unique

What do you offer that your competitors may not? Highlight your strengths and expertise. The public perception of you just might make the difference in winning a listing over another agent. Consider using positive testimonials from past clients to drive that point home.

Look beyond the transaction

Don’t present yourself only as a facilitator of the selling or buying process. Think of ways to become a helpful resource, even if there’s no transaction currently in the offing. This builds confidence in buyers and sellers and brings referrals in the door.

Create personal marketing materials that match your brand

Be consistent in both your messaging and branding. If every piece you share looks different, you’re losing out on any residual gain over time. In other words, be true to your personal and professional brand.

Pursue online opportunities

Email and social media are great channels for getting your branding and messaging out there. It’s a cost-effective solution that is also where your target lives on a daily basis.

  • Remember a past client’s birthday
  • Send a friendly reminder to turn back one’s clocks in the fall
  • Wish someone a happy upcoming holiday

These things aren’t always a direct path to business, but they help establish you as a personal brand—not just someone to help sell or buy a home. And that leads to potential future business and referrals.

Pursue offline opportunities

There’s no better way to make a personal connection than… you guessed it, in person! That interaction can take place at business networking functions, municipal events, neighborhood events, sporting events in your area, happy hours at local businesses, etc.

Use the right tool

As with most things, creating and maintaining a personal brand takes time—and we all know that time is money. So using the right tool to do it efficiently makes perfect sense. That is the key foundation behind the ROQlogic Media Center—to minimize your agents’ time and maximize their efforts. They can quickly and easily reach out to prospects, clients and colleagues via email, social media or texts literally in a matter of minutes. Combine that with powerful property marketing capabilities And what goes out is not only professionally done, it reflects the branding and messaging of your company. All done within a single platform.

jeffaronsonPersonal Marketing Meets Property Marketing

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