Data integration: The Pipeline to Easyville.

Data integration. Sounds awfully technical. And it is, but we make it work for you… and you never have to look behind the curtain. Simply put, a data feed is a stream of information that the Media Center can take in and automate the creation of marketing materials. Here are a couple of real-world applications of how a Media Center data integration can simplify the process:

Real estate Multiple Listing Service

Most real estate companies subscribe to a Multiple Listings Service (MLS). The Media Center can “grab” that feed and provide a way for agents to access critical information about their listings. One click and a flyer or eCard is immediately auto-populated with images, address, description, price, amenities, etc. This saves tons of time that would otherwise be spent manually entering text and uploading images. For the Media Center, it’s all in a day’s work.

Product data integration

If your company has a database of product information such as images, prices, descriptions, etc., and that data is made available to us via a webservice, we can tap into it and allow users to automatically populate their content with your product information in one easy step.

The beauty of data integration is that the information is always current. As the information is updated, it immediately gets fed to the Media Center where it’s ready for users.

The ROQlogic Media Center is uniquely designed to streamline how your sales network promotes your company’s services and/or products. Our goal is to minimize clicks and maximize effectiveness.

jeffaronsonData integration: The Pipeline to Easyville.

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