Create It Once. Share It Many.

One of the strengths of the ROQlogic Media Center is its ability to allow you to share content to multiple channels. You can create a compelling property marketing piece once and share it many ways. A great example is populating a 4-page brochure with your MLS data, sending it for printing, emailing it and posting as a link to social media… all in a matter of a few minutes.

Email it:

Selecting Email as a share option automatically creates a special delivery eCard with an image of the front cover. When the recipient clicks the image, it links to an online flipbook of your brochure.

Email it.

Share it online:

You can either copy code to embed your creation on another site, or copy a link to an online flipbook version of the brochure.

Online flipbook

Share it directly to social media:

A single click will create a social post formatted for Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin. When viewers click on your post, it will take them to the online flipbook.

Share it to social media

Download a print-ready PDF:

You can download a high-resolution, press-ready PDF that you can use to print on your desktop, your office printer or take to a commercial printer

Download a print-ready PDF

Send it to our integrated print-on-demand service:

Have your brochure professionally printed by our print-on-demand partner. Order as few as 50 or as many as hundreds and have them delivered within a couple of days.


The Media Center is the ultra-efficient, intelligent way of marketing your properties. Spend your precious time doing what you do best: connecting sellers with buyers, not spending unnecessary time and effort grinding out marketing materials.

jeffaronsonCreate It Once. Share It Many.

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