Three Big Reasons Why You Need the Right Content Marketing Solution.

Those in your sales network understand their market. What’s hot. What’s not. Leaders realize that it’s a mix of marketing their properties, products or services with promoting themselves. They need to create compelling marketing materials and get their message out to prospects, clients and colleagues. But not everyone has the skills to do it effectively, let alone being able to carve out the extra time to do it correctly.

Here are the 3 big reasons why it should be a critical part of your company’s marketing arsenal:

1. It protects your brand and message

When you allow those in your sales organization to “have their way” when creating a promotional or marketing piece, there’s no telling what it might end up looking like or what it says. After all, their talents lie in their selling and promotional abilities, not their graphic design  and copywriting skills.

With the right platform you can control, on a template-by-template basis, the consistency of your brand and messaging. You determine what can and can’t be edited or what imagery can or can’t be used. You can leave the door open just a crack, or swing it wide open for your agents, sales people or consultants.

2. It empowers your sales network

Because most of the work is done for them, they’re free to spend their time doing what they do best… selling. Without any design skills, they can customize and personalize content and share it across a wide range of channels in minutes. You turn them into marketing experts literally overnight.

The resulting communications are within branding and messaging guidelines, far more compelling and ultimately more effective.

3. It allows you to leverage your marketing dollar

A comprehensive content marketing platform provides a single resource for all your marketing materials. It eliminates the need for pre-printing collateral that could easily become obsolete sitting on the shelves. Content is easily updated in seconds at virtually no cost and always readily available to your network. And that translates directly to your bottom line.

And just think what it could mean for all your corporate communications. Consider a corporate newsletter to your sales network. Or something to announce an award won by your company. Other great uses at the corporate level might include employee recognition, a company promotion or upcoming event. The possibilities are endless.

As you can see, choosing the right marketing platform can make all the difference for your business and sales network. That’s where the ROQlogic Media Center comes in. It’s easily the most powerful content marketing tool in the industry. It’s a comprehensive platform that allows users to create and share custom, branded and personalized content to promote their business.

jeffaronsonThree Big Reasons Why You Need the Right Content Marketing Solution.

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